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You want to get a beautiful girl of the sponge, with no punctures and operations? Try lip augmentation with cream WondaLips. It is a remedy to a base of hyaluronic acid. Effect is visible immediately after application. The official site of the portugal open sale of the drug with a discount of 50%! In addition, for those who wish to purchase the product, fill out the form on the web site, fill in the fields of the order your phone number and the name, and click to order and wait for a call from a representative of the company.

How much does it cost cream WondaLips

The discounted price is 44€. The number of products involved in the promotion is limited. Customize your lips stunning views!

Plump, and sensual lips have always been an integral part of feminine beauty. Not all the girls in the nature, giving the gift in the form of beautiful fat lips, the same with age and are reduced in the far corners move down and the volume goes definitely.

Currently we offer a variety of techniques to increase the lips, and more often than girls choose to injections to give your lips the desired shape.

The beauty as part of today's life

Full and beautiful lips, with the dream of nearly all women

The visit of the aesthetic and plastic surgeon a long time ago that it has ceased to be something intimate. Women and men no longer hide the act that there are procedures to improve the appearance. On the contrary, it is now fashionable and popular, modern and glamorous appearance – the ticket of entry into the world of money and success.

One of the most common procedures to give their appearance more noble of the view is the lip augmentation. The fashion in this procedure has come after the breast augmentation, the majority of the women immediately assessed the effect of your celebration and steel massively appointment to a specialist.

Of course, this procedure only the very rich people, but as a result of the evolution of new technologies and the emergence of a large number of clinics, the cost of the treatments fell at times.

According to statistics, more than 20% of all women in the world on their way to the cosmetologist in order to augment the lips, and more than 50% dream of such a procedure. The lip augmentation has a positive effect on the external appearance of a person, makes it more harmonious and correct.

A little bit about the anatomy of the lips

The shape of the lips depends largely on the type of person, the position of the jaws, the degree of development of the bones and soft tissues. The lips of the man found in the interior and the exterior of the front face and consist of three parts: skin, of trial and of the mucosa.

The structure of the lips of the person
A part of the Consists of the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneous fat
The middle part It is the place of the other is also called "a chain of red", it shares with the lips on the outside and the inside of the part, which begins with the seating of closure of the lips. The outer part is made up of Hot of the epithelium and the interior - not Hot.
The mucosa of the part Form the salivary glands, features of the mucosa of the plate, which begin in the muscle tissue, the collagen fibers.

There are many combinations of types of the lips, which can be chubby, thin, as well as the lips of the average of the amount. The upper lip can be more full than the bottom, and vice versa.

In some cases is the pathology of the lips, among which it is worth highlighting the asymmetry lividity, cysts, of chronic diseases, fissures, herpes, and so on. Some of these violations are a contraindication for the performance of injections and other procedures kosmetologicheskim the.

The hyaluronic acid in order to improve the shape of the lips

The hyaluronic acid attracts water molecules, due to that the lips receive the desired amount

Many of the treatments for the correction of the shape and the volume of the lips are manufactured with the use of hyaluronic acid. It is a tool that has unique characteristics: the hyaluronic acid attracts water molecules, and full of them in the surrounding tissues, so that the lips receive the desired volume and shape.

In addition to this, for the filling of lip using Biogel, facial implants, botox, but it has been shown that hyaluronic acid is more strong and long-lasting.

The most common form of internal use introduction in the form of injections, but not least popularity has acquired the use of gels and creams use of the application. WondaLips – one of the best medications that contains hyaluronic acid.

The lip augmentation with the help of the cream WondaLips

WondaLips – cream, that gives lips the desired amount and shape. The tool has no comparison, its use is absolutely painless and safe. In the composition of the cream are only natural components that fill the lips, make them longer, soft and firm.

WondaLips it penetrates in the layers of the skin, communicates with the cellular structures, fills in the cracks and the maximum full of internal tissues, giving lips the desired size. Effect of the application of patents almost never – the lips acquire volume, softness and elasticity. It creates the so-called "hall effect, the person changes for the better.

An interesting fact. About the lip augmentation think even in the distant 1900, year. Since then began the first attempts to increase the paraffin. In the decade of 1960 is already in silicon, in 1980, on the market appeared the collagen, which became the basis for the creation of modern medicines.
The composition of the cream and its action

The cream is unique in the development of the major French specialists in the field of cosmetology. Included organic components, widely used in beauty-industry. Their combination gives an effect of filling, hydration and elasticity. In the composition of the cream, which contains:

Effect of the application is not made wait: after several minutes, you will notice an improvement in the appearance of the lips and to feel like they are full of moisture. Buy cream WondaLips it can be already today on the official web-site, in the territory of portugal for the price 44€ and find out the price in another country. Product participates in the promotion, in it there is a discount of 50%. Hurry, the term of validity of the promotion is limited!
Advantages of the use of the cream WondaLips
To the regular the path of the WondaLips Your lips reached the desired size

The use of the cream are cumulative. Effect is visible immediately after application, and remains, on the lips for hours. When used WondaLips You will receive the following benefits:

With regular use WondaLips Your lips will acquire the desired volume, it will look natural and very sexy. WondaLips – the secret of the charm of Their lips.

Enjoy the cream WondaLips in portugal, visit the official website. Only now the cream WondaLips it is sold with a discount only for half the price. His sensual lips are reduced with the mind of any man!

Review of the medical

The doctor Beautician Rodrigo Rodrigo
The experience of:
24 years
To me come dozens of girls who are not satisfied with the volume of your own lips. Many of them do not want to augment the lips with the help of punctures due to the high cost of the procedures. In addition, not all appropriate to this method - in the course of a preliminary study, may be contraindications to the procedure. WondaLips they are an excellent alternative to the injections. The drug that gives an effect of lips look fuller and hydration. The hyaluronic acid and collagen-filled lips and make them more attractive. I recommend the cream WondaLips. This is the best medicine in portugal.